Birth Doula Services (THB 35,000 + COVID test cost)
* One prenatal visit before 36 weeks to get to know you and your birth preferences and help prepare you for labor and birth
* A second prenatal visit if you go past your due date to touch base and talk through options (if needed)
* 24/7 availability two weeks before until two weeks after your due date (38-42 weeks)
* Telephone, e-mail, and text support through the entire period I am contracted through until four weeks after birth
* In-person support at home and/or hospital during established labor until you birth your baby
* Two postpartum visits: one in hospital and two at home within the first two weeks after birth

Virtual Birth Doula Service (THB 15,000)
* One virtual prenatal meetings to answer questions and help put together a birth plan
* 24/7 availability by phone and text from 38 weeks to 42 weeks to provide virtual labor support
* Two virtual postpartum meetings to answer questions and provide breastfeeding support

Private Childbirth Education (THB 7,000) 
Two 2.5-3-hour sessions in your home or another preferred location, covering labor, unmedicated birth, epidural, Cesarean section, postpartum recovery, and more. (For experienced parents and those who prefer just one session, I offer a two-hour refresher session for THB 3,500.)

Prenatal Consultation (THB 2,500)
Private meeting (up to 90 minutes) to answer questions related to labor, birth, and the postpartum and to create a birth plan (if needed). This meeting is done at a location convenient for doula and client.

Postpartum Doula Service (THB 3,000/visit)
In-home support after birth to answer questions and help with breastfeeding and newborn care (Packages of multiple visits available.)

Placenta Encapsulation (THB 10,000)
Placenta encapsulation using the raw method. I will pick up the placenta from hospital and deliver the pills back to you within 48-72 hours.