My name is Rasee Govindani and I am a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator currently serving families in Bangkok, Thailand. I was born and raised here in Bangkok and speak English and Thai fluently. I have a BA in English and worked as an English teacher and writer/editor for many years before attending a doula training in 2008 with Denise Love, an Australian RN and doula who had been supporting families in Bangkok for many years. The training changed my life and I knew I would probably never do anything else. I went on to certify with DONA International soon after.

I have supported families in St. Louis in the United States, where I lived on and off for many years, as well as here in Bangkok. I gave birth to my daughter in April of 2012 and my pregnancy and birth changed me as a woman and a doula forever.

I want women to have positive birth experiences, whether that’s at home or in the hospital or even the operating room. I want women to feel respected and to be treated with kindness and love during a vulnerable and important time in their lives. Even after all these years, I still feel privileged every single time I am invited to support a family prenatally, through labor and birth, and during the sacred postpartum period.

I am a certified birth doula through DONA International and am in the process of becoming a certified postpartum doula and childbirth educator through Childbirth International. I am also a Gottman Institute Bringing Baby Home educator. I currently run the Bangkok Breastfeeding Cafe.

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